Soapa Europa provides its clients, in particular food companies and other logistics operators, a highly specialised and integrated logistics services in temperature-controlled joint group services, full truck loads, and storage.

Our customers, both national and international leading companies, entrust their goods to us, so that we may distribute these to supermarkets and wholesalers with full coverage in the Spain-Portugal and Portugal-Spain routes.

To meet the inherent needs of each customer, regardless its size, we offer tailor-made services, ensuring deliveries in the agreed conditions, and fulfilling strict requirements and the very highest quality standards in the market.

All our services are multi-temperature and we offer three ranges of colds; dimensions may vary at customer request for full truck loads:

*Frozen: Services between -18 °C and -20 °C

*Refrigerated: Services between 0 °C and 5 °C
Services between +15 °C and +18 °C



Soapa Europa services are grouped into three areas:

Transport. Joint group services and full truck loads

Soapa Europe offers a temperature controlled service, full and partial truck loads aimed primarily at companies within the food industry.

Our expertise is focused on the Spanish and Portuguese markets, managing goods from top-tier customers in the European Union and fulfilling the more stringent technical and quality requirements of each one.

The goods entrusted to us by our clients include products from various sectors such as poultry, rabbit breeding, meats, ice cream, eggs, dairy, pasta, fish, ready meals and vegetables.

Soapa Europa ensures in all services that the cold chain is maintained, this being a critical condition to this stage of the food chain in order to ensure the safety of products that will be made available to the final consumer.

All our expeditions are subject to products liability insurance in accordance with the CMR Convention of 19 May 1956 as regards International Carriage of Goods by Road, a legal framework governing contracts for the international carriage of goods by road.

At Soapa Europa we have a network of logistics centres distributed throughout Spain and Portugal and which enables a full coverage in the mainland, ensuring the delivery of your goods within 24h to 48h depending on its origin.

To contact us, make an inquiry or request a personalised quote, please call 902 731 737 or complete your details using the Contact form.

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Soapa Europa offers a controlled temperature storage service with cold/refrigerated rooms, located in our warehouses, which are based in our Barcelona operations centre and in other logistics centres in Spain and Portugal.

Storage services offered are complemented by other provisions for customer ease, such as orders / picking, product labelling, cross-docking, stock management and control and emergency unloading.

All these services are offered with strict traceability regarding the status and location of the product. Computerised systems with which we work as well as qualified staff, ensure compliance with the current regulations for health and quality.

To contact us, make an inquiry or request a personalised quote, please call 902 731 737 or complete your details using the the next form.

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Distribution in Portugal of joint group services and full truck loads is one of the main added value hallmarks of the company when compared to other logistics operators.

Soapa Europa has opted for the creation of its own logistics to provide highly competitive distribution throughout the Portuguese territory, with a delivery capacity to supermarkets within 24 hours, and wholesalers between 24 to 48 hours.

To contact us, make an inquiry or request a personalised quote, please call 902 731 737 or complete your details using the Contact Form.

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