SOAPA GALICIA S. L. is a company founded in La Coruña in 1995 initially dedicated to conventional freight transport, offering a highly personalised service to large Galician food companies.

As part of the expansion strategy and in order to meet the needs of a growing and increasingly demanding market, in 2003 Soapa Galicia opens its new Operations Centre in Barcelona adopting the trade name SOAPA EUROPA.

Since then the company expands into the cold logistics joint cargo service and full truck loads, providing solutions to a niche market; also offering services such as warehouse storage operator and international transport of goods requiring special temperature control conditions that range between -20 °C and +18 °C.

It currently maintains this international coverage of temperature controlled logistics service, with particular emphasis on distribution to supermarkets and wholesalers in Portugal, with a vocation for customer-oriented service in order to meet the needs for expansion within Europe.




Soapa Europa provides the international logistics service for temperature-controlled goods, working in Europe and focused on distribution and storage in Spain and Portugal.

Soapa Europe collaborates with its customers as a logistics partner in its journey towards international expansion; the success of our customers is also our success.

We seek excellence in service through the professionalism of our employees, who are committed to the values ​​that are the foundation of our organisation.



In a globalised world where international expansion is part of the natural evolution of a business, Soapa Europe aspires to be the logistics partner for its customers seeking operational excellence of its transport and storage services in Europe.


We are professionals committed to our values, they guide our pursuit of excellence and are our foundation; Service, Organization, Analysis, Personalisation and Agility.


We focus on the needs of our customers, we listen and learn, this allows us to evolve and establish lasting and trusting relationships. We pay great attention to detail in order to obtain a quality service.


The professionalism and motivation of our employees to implement effective planning, management and logistics control are vital to the proper functioning of our organisation. We work efficiently, improving every day.


The operational analysis of each issue as well as the development of synergies make it possible for us to offer competitive market solutions at all times. We act as owners, optimising all resources in order to provide the best service.


The flexible and tailor-made solutions that we offer through our experience and know-how are the keys towards meeting the intrinsic characteristics of each customer. We consider all avenues to meet customer expectations.


We know that the greatest asset to our business is our agility and ability to act within the timeframes required by the market. We adapt with flexibility to market needs.

In Soapa Europa we believe that this philosophy guides us in our pursuit towards service excellence, a key that provides assurance to our customers that choosing Soapa Europa as a logistics partner is the most adequate choice.

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